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Professional Profile

I'm an experienced Full-Stack developer, with strong creative skills and a strong experience within the finance industry.
My most significant mission allowed me to design, implement and maintain a Quantitative Analysis and Document Management tool that is now used by 50+ multi-management analysts around the world, in London, Boston, Paris, Germany and South Africa.
I also had the opportunity to create my own software company, Everydev, in France a few years ago.

I'm also the author of a few open-source projects, one of which is an Agile Retrospective board (

Agile Retrospective Board, using **React**, **Redux** and **Socket-io**  
Available on GitHub here: [](


Agile Retrospective Board (React, Redux and Socket-io)

HTML App in a Window App, similar to Electron, based on **Chromium**


Electron-like container, based on Chromium

A life-saver for when you need to download a tool and your corporate proxy doesn't play ball.  
This will simply download it for you and give it back as an archive that shouldn't be blocked by your firewall.


Get around corporate proxies and download what you need

360° Virtual Reality video player component (Oculus Rift)

React VR Player

360° Virtual Reality video player (React, Oculus)

Work Experience

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November 2003 - December 2004

Software Developer

Intuition Informatique, Internship

  • C#
  • MySQL

December 2004 - July 2008

Full-Stack Developer

Everydev, Associate & Co-founder

  • C#
  • WinForm
  • MySQL

September 2006 - January 2007

.NET Developer

British Telecom PLC, Full-Time

  • C#
  • VB.NET
  • DotNetNuke

January 2007 - November 2009

Full-Stack Developer, Architect

BNP Paribas - FundQuest UK, Full-Time

  • C#
  • NHibernate
  • MySQL

November 2009 - March 2010

Front Office Developer, Derivatives

Credit Suisse, Full-Time, AVP

  • C#
  • SQL Server

March 2010 - December 2010

Silverlight / C# Developer

Royal Bank of Scotland, Contractor

  • Silverlight
  • C#
  • NHibernate
  • WCF
  • Autofac
  • SQL Server

January 2011 - March 2011

ASP.NET MVC Front-end Developer

Royal Bank of Scotland, Contractor

  • C#
  • NHibernate
  • MVC 3
  • ExtJS
  • AutoFac
  • SQL Server

April 2011 - June 2012

ASP.NET MVC Front-end Developer

Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Contractor

  • C#
  • NHibernate
  • ExtJS
  • jQuery
  • Moq
  • SQL Server

July 2012 - Present

Front Office / Front-end React Developer

Royal Bank of Scotland, Contractor / Permanent

  • React
  • Redux
  • AngularJS
  • Node.js

Technical Skills

Expert - 7 years


Almost all my work experiences included HTML and CSS developement, but only in the last few years it became a full time focus.
My current position involves a front-end single page app (React), using HTML 5 and CSS 3.

Expert - 7 years


Expert knowledge of ES6 (ECMAScript 2015):

  • const / let
  • default parameters, spread operator
  • destructuring
  • modules (import / export)
  • class
  • generators
  • promises

And ES7 (async/await, decorators...)

Related technologies:

  • AngularJS
  • Lodash / Underscore
  • Moment.js
  • Mocha, Karma, Jasmine, Sinon, Chai, Istanbul

Advanced - 2 years


2-year full time experience of React, and related technologies:

  • Redux
  • Reselect
  • redux-saga
  • socket-io
  • Webpack (hot-reloading)

Advanced - 2 years


2-year experience with Node, at RBS.

Experience with Node from 0.12 to the latest 6 (on personal projects), and NPM (on both v2 and v3).

Expert - 8 years


.NET was my the technology stack I started working with.
Related techologies I have experience with:

  • C#
  • NHibernate
  • NUnit, MSpec, NAnt
  • SQL Server, MySQL



BAC STI (French A-Level) - With Honours

Rueil-Malmaison (France)

BAC STI at Passy-Buzenval, in Rueil Malmaison.

Lycée Richelieu - CPGE TSI

Cours Préparatoires aux Grandes Ecoles

Rueil-Malmaison (France)

Math sup/Math Spé is preparing French students for the Grandes Ecoles (mainly in physics and mathematics).

Supinfo Paris - Oxford Brookes University

Master (MSc) in Computer Science

Paris (2003-2005), Oxford (2005-2006)

Supinfo is a three year engineering school, resulting in a European Master in Computer Science.
I spent the last year in Oxford Brookes University, in the Msc in Computer Science section.